Friday, March 24, 2023

Marveled through the Makos

 In our second week of our Pesach unit we are in full swing of Haggadah preparation . Everyday we invited the children at our morning centers with their personalized pages. While hard at work, we overheard fascinating conversations on some of the steps in the Haggadah. "Did your Tatty really cry from the Marror?!" 

Working hard on our covers and using hole punchers to make the splitting sea scene. 

We focused on the concept of Bitachon (faith) by making mini tambourines. We learned from the all the Jewish Mommy's in Mitzrayim that they  knew the entire time they were going to be freed by Hashem and even prepared Tambourines to dance with! Outside we played a game where the children covered their eyes or closed them while jumping into Morahs arm. This built in trust and safety. This is exactly how the Jewish Woman felt. 

Learning about the 10 Makos (plagues)! The Pesach comic book was a big HIT in our class and we read it everyday with a twist. As we got through each Makah, Morah made it come to life through different props. We had paper plates blowing on them creating the effect how the Makah of Locusts came about through wind,. We played a game of guessing what animal sound we heard for the Makah of Wild animals. 

During the Makah of darkness, we placed a thick blanket over our friends. The Mitzriyim could not see and could not move! We felt it by being under a tablecloth and the close proximity of each other made us feel claustrophobic! 

The kids were so excited to add any detail they knew about them throughout the shows. The Jewish people had light with them wherever they walked.

Our deep breathing this week was Pesach themed as we puffed our belly's out like challah and breathed out by flattening down like a Matzah! 

Makos match-it game with the Hebrew Letters

Building Tzadik and Final Tzadik

Our Jungle gym is really being used as a great climbing space for our brave friends.


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Leaving Mitzrayim in Preschool

This week we continued the story of Pesach. King Paroh was stubborn and did not let Jewish people leave Mitzrayim (Egypt).
We learned what consequences are and Moshe who Hashem choose to lead us told King Paroh he will have to learn his lesson. 

We taught two of the Plagues. King Parohs water turned into blood! When he finally was ready to just let them go he changed his mind as soon as Moshe davend for the blood to stop.

A frog puppet helped us learn the second plague where there were thousands of frog all over Mitzrayim. However, the frogs did not bother the Jewish people. 

After the 10 plagues,  King Paroh finally let the Jewish people leave and be free. They had no time to cook for the trip so they placed dough on their backs and it turned into Matzah! Some friends had their Matzah taped on their back while walking through the sea.
Our beautiful mural in the library, became the sea that miraculously split for the Jewish people to cross. It was fun looking at all the sea creatures as we passed by!

The Jewish women, had such belief they were leaving Mitzrayim all along that they had tambourines with them the whole time! After the splitting of the sea they took out their tambourines and they all danced and thanked Hashem. 

Matzah factory in our classroom!
Rolling and making sure its flat by using forks to make holes in it. 

Welcome our new friend Elijah who is hard at work on his Pesach Hagaddah!

Fun music and movements!

Rainy days are fun we get to bring in our bikes! 

We love taking care of our bearded dragon. Remembering to be be gentle while petting and feeding him worms!

We want to wish a Happy Birthday to Mordy!
Our friends making a book with pictures for him. 

Our gross motor skills on full swing!


Friday, March 17, 2023

Pesach in Prk!

 This week we started the unit on Pesach! It is quite the story and we are loving every moment of acting it out. We set the scene with learning how The Jewish population was growing fast in Mitzrayim and the king of Mitzrayim named Pharaoh did not like this. 

He did not want the Jewish people to become more powerful than him. We imagined our mommy's having 6 babies at a time! We started seeing how Pharoah became very mean and slowly influenced the Jewish people to becoming slaves by paying them at first. King pharaoh gave the Jews NO choice and they became slaves. Our big idea this week was showcasing we can make choices!

 Yakov and Mimi made a good choice to share their kinetic sand to friends that had less. Jack and Yedidya made a safe choice and came straight inside when there was no Morah outside. Chana and Menachem H made a responsible choice and put away the Lego people before davening. Menachem F made a very kind choice and gave his sister half of his sandwich because she left hers in the car. Shua made a powerful choice and pointed to all the words in the siddur and davened with a lot of kavana.  Chaya Leah did a very clean choice and washed her hands very thoroughly before eating. 

Using Kinetic sand and Lego people acting out the Jewish people working in the desert. King Pharoh actually made the Jewish slaves work on quick sand which was very frustrating.
Thank you Yakov, for buying us the Lego people on your birthday.

Pharoh's Astrologer saw in the stars that there would be a Jewish boy who would take the Jewish people out of Mitzrayim! This made Pharaoh make a new decree that all the Jewish boys should go into the Nile river. Pharaoh gave Yocheved (Shifra) and Miriam (Pua) who were the midwives to oversee his decree. They were so brave and did not listen to him and let the babies live. Moshe was born to Yocheved and she tried hiding him in the house. 

Yocheved and to make the hard decision to wrap baby Moshe in a basket and Miriam his sister  watched over him. 
Princess Batya, found him and Hashem made a miracle that her arm stretched and reached for the basket. Hahsem also made a miracle for Moshe to cry so Batya would become empathetic and find someone to feed him.
Mimi acted as Miriam bring the baby to his Jewish mother Yocheved.

Moshe grew up in the palace! Once Moshe was on King Pharoh's lap and he reached for his crown. Pharaoh wanted to investigate this and see if Moshe was just a child and liked shiny things or did he want to take over the kingship.

Hashem new Moshe would be the leader to lead the Jewish people out because of his sensitivity and kindness towards them. We took this lesson and understood how when we are kind and follow the good choice of Torah and Mitzvos that's what makes us strong!

Jack pretending to be Moshe Infront of the burning bush. This is where Hashem gave Moshe the responsibility of being the leader.

 We learned the 3 signs that Hashem taught Moshe for the Jewish people to believe him that he was the one chosen. Here is Moshes hand turning white and then turning back to his color.

Making our own Matzah!

Aleph Beis!
In davening, we started spotting the letters of the week we are learning throughout our siddur. It keeps us engaged and excited to sing our davening songs!

Working on our Haggadah's!