Thursday, May 12, 2022

Respect and Reflect

This week we began learning about Lag Baomer. The theme of Lag Baomer is friendship, which tied into a big Commitment to keep our friends safe, that we have been working on as a class.

 Learning from Rabbi Akiva's students had a hard time with Ahavas Yisroel. It was hard for them to respect each other. Our commitment this week was keeping our friends safe. 

Dotting the letters Lamed and Beis spelling the word Lev which means heart/love.
 We learned how on the 32nd day of the Omer (32 is the numerical value of Lamed and Beis' which spells Lev/heart) the students of Rabbi Akiva acted with their heart to each other so they stopped dying.

Pasting foam hearts on our big heart 

We made lemonade to teach us how even when something may seem sour there can always be a good sweet outcome.

We also learned the story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (who was a student of Rabbi Akiva). Him and his son had to hide in a cave for many years which seemed not so good but in the end they learned so much Torah and became great people!! 

Painting our own wooden people.
This teaches us how we are all so different with different colors. That can help us have so much love for each other 

We have very artistic friends!

Our friends worked on a home-made puzzle of our class.
All our friends are an important piece in our school and make up our family.

Our very own cave! 

fun imaginary play!

Thank you Morah Aurora for bringing in a "Safe Space Tent" 
Sometimes our friends need quiet time or space and this is a place for them to feel that in a safe way :)

Caves and commitments

This week we continued learning about Lab B'omer. This week we dedicated it to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. A very special Rabbi who discovered the Kabbalah and passed away on Lag B'omer.
Menachem practicing to write Lag B'omer on his playdough.

Its been so inspiring to watch the children really want to know ALL the details of the story. We learned a lot about why he had to run away from the Roman Emperor to a cave.
Creating salt dough caves and turning our table into a cave.

After learning all the details of the story we created our own cave scene.

Since Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son Rabbi Elazar were in the cave for 13 years they needed to preserve their one pair of clothes. 
They would bury themselves in the sand to cover themselves so they wouldn't need to wear their clothes all the time.
Our friends working really hard on a big enough hole!

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai learned all day and night and brought new Torah in this world. 
Their Torah brought light in this world.
We make bonfires to remember the holy fiery Torah light.
Coloring our playdough to make fire for a pretend bonfire.

We had so much fun experimenting how wax melts using heat. 
We melted fire color crayons using blow dryers.

It came out so cool and fascinating! 

To celebrate learning in depth the entire story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai we made our very own bon fire! Thank you Friedmans for lending it to us! 

It has been so heartwarming to continue watching our friends practically use the Sefiras we have learned.
A lot of Chesed with friends sharing toys and using communication to take turns.

This week we learned about Netzach! To finish a job and to keep our commitments.

Batya and Menachem started cleaning and it was challenging to finish all the rubber bands everywhere, but they did it!
Yanky, Shmuel and Sholom committed themselves to make sure the Lego area was fully clean for our meeting time.

Occasionally, we get to go to the back of our school building where there are big sticks. 
We make sure to commit ourselves to safety and follow through till the end of our break time.

We introduced the Nikuda Shuruk which has the same sound as a Koobootz. 
We made uugah- which means cake in hebrew and you can really hear the Shuruk sound.

Having fun at our Kriya table by reading the word the bubble lands on and using playdough to cover the correct sound we hear.


Thursday, May 5, 2022

Soaking in Spring

Coming from the week of focusing on counting numbers to teach us about counting the Omer, this week we dived into learning about the season of spring and that all the flowers blooming prepares us for Shavuot. Preparing ourselves in these 49 days teaches us how when we work hard and make the right choices we "bloom," just like seeds work hard and get uncomfortable in the dirt to grow it creates a beautiful flower! Our goal is to receive the Torah! 

Painting with dandelions!

At circle time we looked at and spoke about the different seasons and compared the different weathers of cloudy, sunny, raining etc. that day. We looked outside to check it out ;)

We rescued a Caterpillar that some friends found! We made a small habitat with dirt and leaves, while we waited to get a butterfly cage to watch it turn into a butterfly! Butterflies also teach us to come out of our shells and to grow in the way of Torah and Mitzvot to turn into beautiful vibrant people!

Reading the very hungry caterpillar together 

Our friends circled all the spring things with playdough and covered the ones that weren't.

Working on our Mothers Day project!

We made Spring sun catchers

Fun in the sun :)

Fireman acting was pretty popular this week 

Happy Birthday Adam!