Friday, March 16, 2018

We are leaving Egypt..All about Matzah!

Leaving Egypt

We continued learning the story of Pharoah being not very kind to the Jewish people. He made them work hard carrying heavy bricks and they didnt even have a choice. They were tired and sad.

Hashem said, "This is not why I created my people!" I need to take them out of this slavery, so I can give them the Torah. Then they will have the choice every day to fill their time with Mitzvah's!

Hashem told Moshe, "Go to Pharoah, and tell him to Let my people go!"

Pharoah was very stubborn, and refused to listen to Moshe. Pharoah thought he was greater and stronger than Hashem!  Hashem needed to teach Pharo who was the real King of the whole world, and Finally after 10 plagues he said, "GO!" 

Moshe gathered all the Jewish people and told them its time to leave Mitzrayim.

They made Matzah to take with them. They didnt have much time to cook the Matzah!

But after travelling for a little bit, they reached a big ocean! What shall we do?

 Some people said we should go back... but Pharoah was chasing after them because he had changed his mind!

Hashem made a big miracle and SPLIT the sea in half! The Jewish people were so thankful to be able to cross the ocean on dry land!

We set up a special "splitting of the sea" center- inviting the children to experience the miracle!


I wonder if the Jewish people were able to see all the beautiful 
fish and creatures from under the sea?

Matzah VS Challah

We set up a model Matzah bakery, to help the children learn how Matzah is made, and the differences between Matzah and Challah!

We used forks to make holes, and set timers to 18minutes to make sure the Matzah was baked in quick enough time! We learned that if Matzah takes longer to cook, it can become Chometz!

What is Chometz? Science experiment!

To illustrate the differences of ingredients in Challah vs Matzah we did a science experiment!
Using 2 water bottles with balloons ontop. One bottle represented Challah. We poured some yeast into it! The other bottle represented the Matzah -- and this one only had water! We left the water bottles to see what would happen to the balloons after the yeast had time to activate!

 We were all excited to see the "Challah" balloon had risen!

Chometz Sorting

We learned that one of the ways we observe the Pesach Holiday is by only eating foods that do not contain "Chometz." We played a sorting game to decipher which foods are Chometz, and which are not.

All round fun and learning...


Baby Yakov Mordechai Muchnik on your Bris Mila and beautiful name! May you grow to live up to your special namesake!

Bela Riva on your 5th Bday, Mendel Paller on your 4th birthday, Menachem on your Arainfernish!

Parshat Vayikra: What We Really Want

Parshas Vayikra - What We Really Want

In this weeks Parsha we learn that when a person makes a mistake he needs to give a gift to Hashem and he needs to want to give it. The Torah teaches that if that person doesn't want to give the gift, we need to force him until he says that he wants to give the gift.
But that seems silly if we force the person, ts not what he wants.
The Torah teaches us that everyJew wants to do Hashems Mitzvos, just some times the Yetzer Hara tries to stop us from doing the right thing.When the Yetzer Hara tries to stop us we need to force the Yetzer Hara to get out of our way and remember what we really want.

In class we practice this every day before Davening. We remind the Yetzer Hara to get out of our way.   Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch the Yetzer Hara!!

Pesach Unit

We are so excited to be starting our Pesach unit. This week we focused on the idea of leaving Mitzrayim and what that means to us. 
How can I leave Mitzrayim?
Kindergarten Knows!
"The Yetzer Hara is Pharoah and we need to go out!"
"Need to go do Mitzvos to get to Yetzer Tov"
- Muka
"The Yetzer Tov is Moshe" - Yisroel
"We need to go out of Mitrayim to go to Moshe!" - Menucha

Keeping our Reading and writing skills sharp!
Malka tried to sound out the word and then write it.
Levi Yitzchak and Muka worked together to read their word cards.

New Arrivals

In kindergarten we love making learning fun!
We were so excited to learn with our new Eggspert game!!
Ask your Child how it works!

We also started working with our independent workbooks.
These self motivated workbooks help us learn how to identify 
sight words, beginning and ending sounds in English and much more!

Elizabeth and Morah Avigail show an example to the class

Leaps in Learning

Kindergarten practicing with twistable number
 cubes to add and subtract numbers.

Everyone cracked up when we spotted
 Max's name in the story we were reading!

Outside Play

Soccer is a great way to build sportsmanship!
It is one of Kindergartens favorite games to play, with Tag as a close second!

We can relax and have fun too!!
Check out these Kindergarten Cuties!!


Friday, March 9, 2018

"I care"

"Pesach Ba" (Pesach is coming)

To introduce the coming holiday of Pesach ,  we began with a whimsical story /puppet show "Pesach Ba" (Pesach is coming).

The children enjoyed witnessing a Shabbat table transform into a Seder Table as the Challa's danced off the table, and were replaced by 3 crunchy matzah's. The matzah's felt thin and bumpy...compared to the fluffy challa!

An additional bottle of grape juice marched on along with 4 special kiddush cups!
Then a round Seder plate came dancing on!.
Each of them sang the chant "Pesach Ba" (Pesach is coming) reminding the children that another special holiday is on its way.

Connecting the Seder and the Story

Now that the children were introduced to the new holiday that is coming up- it was time to connect "why" the seder plate, matzah, salt water and extra cups of wine!

Our story began in Mitzrayim (Egypt) with a King named pharoah. This king was not the nice type of King that cared for his people. He was mean, and only thought of himself.
In fact he decided one day- that he wanted to build lots and lots of huge buildings to store things in, and he decided that the Jewish people should be the ones to build them.

He didn't even give them a choice. At first the work seemed like fun, but then it got hard because Pharoah didnt let them take breaks for a drink of water, and he didnt let them stop to do anything else they wanted to do.


The bricks were so big and so heavy- To help the children understand the intensity of work the Jewish slaves experienced, we had one box that was filled with VERY heavy contents. It was almost impossible for one child to lift it alone, we needed 2 or 3 together to lift it!

To connect the seder plate items and the story- we spoke about the tears that flowed from the Jewish people's eyes, because the work was so hard. We tasted the salt water from the seder table- which reminds us of tears!

"I care" - Learning empathy from the Pesach story.

What would you do if you noticed someone crying??

"I would run and give them a hug" (Hannah said)
"help them" (Faiga)
 "If someone was thirsty , we would get them water."  (Saige)
" I would thelp them" (Dovi)

Moshe was a very Kind Jewish person who noticed how sad the Jewish people were. Hashem sent him to help the Jewish people. 

To help the children develop this important value (like Moshe had)- we created an "I care" jar in our classroom, which we placed beautiful stones inside, every time we notice someone showing how they "care" for other people.

Saige showed how she cared on Monday- when she noticed Bela Riva's water bottle was left behind- she ran to get it for her friend, and carried it all the way outside for her!

Faiga caught on right away- while we were lining up to go outside, one of her friends was swinging her body and taking her space on the line- so faiga decided she would just pick another place to stand.

Throughout the week we spoke about how we can care like Moshe.

Hannah and Bela Riva drawing a picture together of how they care!

Let My People Go! 

Our story continued with Hashem telling Moshe to go and speak to Pharoah- to tell him to "Let my people go." Hashem said to Moshe- "This is not what I created my people to do! They are supposed to be able to choose what they want to do each day, and I want to give them the Torah so they can choose to do Mitzvah's." So Moshe went to speak to Pharoah!

Pharoah was really stubborn, and he said, "No No No, I will not let them go"

So Hashem sent 10 plagues to teach him a lesson!

 First plague of Blood- When Pharo sent his servant to get him a drink, the water turned to blood!

Then there were Frogs , wild animals and other very uncomfortable plagues that Hashem sent on the Mitzriyim (Egyptians).

It took 10 plagues until Pharoah finally agreed to let the Jewish people go! Next week we will continue the story to learn about Matzah and the miracles that took place after the Jewish people left Mitzrayim (Egypt.)


This is a special book that is used on Pesach, which outlines the 15 steps of the Seder! We began working on different pages to be included in this special book that we will send home before Pesach!

Pyramids- Math, spacial and sensory opportunties

Counting bricks and visualizing the shape of a pyramid. Ensuring the base is bigger than the top.

Digging in the sand...creating bricks

 We are lucky to have tractors and machinery now to help build things, back in Egypt, they only had their hands and feet to move very heavy things!

Salt in a tray, to create pyramid shapes.

Making life size pyramids in our Egypt center

 Using clay to build pyramid shaped fixtures.

Sensory Fun- making footprints for our bulletin board... of the Jewish people "walking" out of Mitzrayim!

 Happy 5th Birthday Bela Riva!