Friday, June 7, 2019

Shavuos: With One Heart

This week we started a new month in the Hebrew calendar. 
This month of Sivan is a very exciting month, it's the month that we received the Torah!
On Rosh Chodesh Sivan the Jewish people camped by Har Sinai. We learned that they were like one person with one heart.
How can that be? I doesn't feel that way...

There are many things that exist but are invisible, like Hashem, our heart and our Neshama... 
Even though we can't see it the Jewish people are connected and are like one all the time! It just doesn't always seem that way. On Rosh Chodesh Sivan right before receiving the Torah the Jewish people felt this connection and oneness very strongly.

We told the children when they hear the 10 Commandments in Shul they should close their eyes and visualize Matan Torah, the moment we receive the Torah. 
The children are the guarantors for the Torah. When children take upon themselves to learn Torah and do Mitzvos now, they cause Matan Torah every year. The Torah was given, and continues to be given every year, all because of the children!     

We made thank you cards for Hashem with a fun sensory process art.
Menachem drips watercolors into the shaving cream.
Swirling the colors made beautiful designs to dip our cards in.
Then we wrote our words for Hashem.

Bela Riva is writing a thank you card to Hashem in her own words.

The Torah was written with all the letters of the Aleph-beis.
Evan practices writing.

Incorporating math and Shavuos. 

Har Sinai had flowers all over, we colored in many beautiful numbered flowers.

Happy Birthday Morah Avigayil!
We love you!

We acted like seeds growing doing some body exercises.

Capit Reading Practice.

Games are fun and improve our fluency.
In this game we had to look for the word and get it. Yisroel and Motty got the word, the rest of the class had to write the word.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The whole world was quiet!

Shavous is around the corner! This week we continued to prepare ourselves for this special holiday of receiving the gift of the Torah. 

Creating the Har Sinai scene at our sensory table using kinetic sand and lego people.

This week we took a deeper look as to how a Torah is made. 
We watched a video of a real Sofer (Special Rabbi who knows how to write a Torah, Mezuzah and Tefillin.)

Practicing writing Hebrew letters with feathers and black ink. Moshe tried making a 'mem' for his name. It's harder than it looks!
 Learning how to be so gentle with the Torah.

 The one and only time the entire world was silent was at Har Sinai during the giving of the Ten commandments. Even the animals were quiet!
At circle time, we role played this by each child receiving an animal. We played a game that when they saw the Torah on top of the mountain, they had to stop making the animal sounds.

At Har Sinai, Hashem made lightening in the sky. We learned what lightening is and had fun painting lightning bolts with Q-tips on black butcher paper.

Creating the holy Hebrew letters in the Torah out of playdough. Chanie wanted the 'ches' for her name.

 Found friends recreating Har Sinai scene with puppets. Chana Rochel had her puppet look at the lightening in the sky. "I'm not scared, Hashem is here."

Hashem made beautiful flowers grow on Har sinai.
Moshe and Batya enjoying flower inspired art.

Mina taking a moment to smell them.

Working on our vases for Shavous.

Headed outdoors to pick and cut our own greenery for our vases.

Emma offered to hold the door open for her friends

Shmuel working on his fine motor skills by getting his basket with holes covered in flowers and leaves.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Parshat Bechukosai: We are Mitzvah Kids

In this week's Parsha we learned that if we follow the Torah and keep the Mitzvos, Hashem will give us a lot of Brachos - blessings.
What are the Mitzvos we know?
Our kindergarteners were invited to act out Mitzvos using Playmobil people. 
Rozie showed us the mitzvah of helping a mommy after birth. 

Saige and Bella Riva are showing us the Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel, being kind to our friends. 

Faiga and Motty show the  the mitzvah of returning something that they found back to the owner. 

Yisroel is showing us the mitzvah of visiting someone that is not feeling well.

Malka is showing us a Mitzvah of giving cookies to the firefighters.

Preparing for Shavuos!!

                              This week we learned the 4 names of the holiday of Shavuos. 
1) Shavuos – Weeks; We count 7 weeks between Pesach and Shavuos. 

2) Matan Torah - Giving of our Torah; on this holiday we were given the Torah.

3) Chag Hakatzir - Festival of Harvest; Shavuos falls at the time of the year when it's Harvest.

4) Chag Habikurim - Day of the First-Fruits; at the time of the Bais Hamikdash all the Jewish farmers would bring the first fruit to the kohanim that were working in the Beis Hamikdash.

Happy Birthday Menachem!
We love you,
keep learning and growing!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Small mountain BIG lesson!

Shavous Unit

This week we began preparing for the upcoming holiday of Shavous.
Hashem chose a mountain to present us our gift of the Torah.
Hashem chose a small mountain to teach us we should be proud to be a Jew and at the same time be humble.
We acted out the different mountains boasting and were not chosen to be the mountain for the Torah.

Har Sinai being proud of how Hashem made him.

What a big lesson from a small mountain.

Taking turns wearing Har Sinai and telling our friends what they are proud of while saying it without bragging.

Arik, "My Yarmulka." Batya, "I am proud that I shared my balloon with my friends."

 Hashem made beautiful flowers grow on Har Sinai in preparation for the giving of the Torah.
Adelle and Mendel decorating their play dough mountains.

 Moshe using his own creativity.

Working hard on our Har Sinai projects.

 We are so thankful for our precious Torah.

 Mountain explorations. 

We placed mountain pictures to inspire our friends to learn about  the different kinds of mountains Hashem created. Eli creating a rocky mountain. Esther worked hard on a beautiful flower mountain.

Chana rochel cutting her own grass for her mountain.
Playing house with friends.

Celebrating Shmuel at his Erienfernisht. Yarmulka cookies as treats.

Batya making sure her doll says the Shema too.
Learning how to clean up after ourselves.

Har Sinai in our sandbox!