Friday, January 24, 2020

News in the Neighborhood

News in the Neighborhood

We started talking about what a neighborhood is. 
Moshe said, "A neighborhood is where we live."
We also spoke about the places in a neighborhood we go.
We figured out that there are 3 kinds of places; our homes, stores and places we don't buy things, like a library or a police station. We invited the children to illustrate the stores that they like in our neighborhood.

Looking at maps of neighborhoods.
Identifying the symbols that stand for different places.
A birds eye view map of our school.

 Roleplaying a doctor and mothers-to-be at the neighborhood hospital.
Creating a huge neighborhood with bridges and roads.

Creating a STEAM magnet maze.

 We had to use magnets to get the paperclip through the maze.

A highlight of our week was visiting and touring a beloved neighborhood store.
Trader Joe's and Mr. Jamahal showed us all around, even in the back of the store.
We also loved getting our own bag of goodies to take home.

We listened to the story Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney and were inspired to create our own books.

 Batya glues the pictures into her book.
Reading it all together in a group.

Working on a fun Aleph Bais project for Final Chof.
A tape resist art.

10 plagues- Why Ten?

Why did Hashem need to send TEN plagues!
Couldn't one be enough?
We learned that the reason there was 10, was because each one taught Pharoah in another way, the idea that EVERYTHING comes from Hashem!
Pharoah thought HE could make water turn to blood, you don't need "HASHEM" to do that!
 He also thought HE could make frogs multiply, or cause animals to die. But each plague reinforced to him that it is truly HASHEM that is running the world and controlling everything.

The children enjoyed exploring all sorts of sensory, math and literacy activities showcasing the 10 plagues!

Emma is turning water into blood!

Dovi drinking the blood!

Mina jumping with frogs!

Rozie tracing her hand to draw "kinim" (plague of lice)  on it


Literacy practice through the names of the plagues.

Mina is drawing "boils" on the little people!

Hail- the miracle of the hail was that there was a little fire INSIDE the stone of Ice!

We did a science experiment to see how according to nature, FIRE and ICE are opposites, and cannot coexist! We placed ice next to a flame, and watched how it melted the ice!

We learned a special lesson from the plague of HAIL! 
How did the little fire exist inside the ice? Usually water would extinguish fire, as we saw in our experiment! The lesson is, that sometimes people can be cold, or mean (like ice), but the little fire inside reminds us that every single person has a neshama, a spark inside them. A part of them that wants to do what is right, and be nice. Even if it doesn't look like that from the outside.

ALSO, When we are kind, and do a mitzvah, that will "melt" the ice away, 
and then the flame from inside will shine bright! Our warmth will melt away the coldness just like the fire melted the ice in our experiment!

Our job it to be warmer to someone who might seem cold on the outside. We should be the fire (kindness) to melt away the ice!

Social Studies- Maps

We began a unit on the world around us. Using maps of our city, our country, and our world- the children began learning about the world around them.

Map of the world, pointing out the continents!

 Trip to Trader Joe's, around our neighborhood

As a starting point in our social studies unit on the world around us, we took a trip to Trader Joe's!

We got to pick some yummy snacks.
We were so lucky to see the back side of the store, where they store lots of boxes!

In the back we saw the fridge, Dovi found the ice cream in the freezer.


Thursday, January 23, 2020

Torah Tot chefs!

This week we learned about the Bracha of Hamotzie. 
At circle time, Sholom took out his lunchbox and showed us what his mommy packed that was Hamotzie, a yummy sandwich!
Adelle, demonstrated how we wash for Hamotzie.

 At davening circle we sing about the washing song for our hands in the morning. We had fun with cups practicing the different types of washing. 

Using our math skills placing 'raisins' on our Challah's.
 Adelle's brother came to visit and help!

Plates and pictures of different Hamotzie food items, invited the children to draw what they like to eat that is hamotzie. Yanky said he really likes bagels.

Our table became a big baking sheet and our friends had fun painting what they were baking.

Esther making pizza crust in our kitchen.

It was time to make real pizza! Menachem helped us shape the dough. "Is it Challah dough?"

Making our own pizzas and toppings. This was a great reminder about how we each have different tastes. Some friends liked black olives, others peppers and some just cheese. Instead of saying "Eww" or "Gross" we learn to say "That's not my taste."

Mina remembered to wash for Hamotzie before eating her Pizza.


Pizza party, yum!

Our Brachas book has been instrumental in helping us practice our brachas. Feeding an item from each page into a puppet of their faces and remembering to say a bracha before!

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Weather or Not!

Weather or Not!

Pre-k jumped right into a Weather Week!
At first no one could figure out what a meteorologist was. So we decided to do some research and we watched a video about a little girl who wants to be a meteorologist!
We found out a meteorologist is a scientist who learns and tells everyone the weather and the temperature.
We added a new step to our daily meeting - Meteorologist!
The meteorologist gets to wear a special hat, and announce the weather on the microphone.
We also have been checking the temperature and shading it in on the thermometer

Learning about the water cycle.

The water in the clouds raining or snowing down to collect in lakes and oceans. Then evaporating back up into the clouds!
Mina helps rain fall down into the lake below.
Moshe prepares a bag for our window water cycle experiment.
Check it out!

Learning never takes a break!

Spencer practices writing in her shaving cream cloud.
Tamar uses stickers to "color in" her water cycle.

Fine motor cutting snowflakes.
STEM "ice cube" building
playing with "snow"
ask your child where we got the snow from! It's surprising :)

Puffy paint is a great way to make art 3D
practicing patience and taking turns in a weather board game.

Happy 4th birthday Batya!
We Love You!