Friday, May 26, 2017

Miracle Food & Flowers!

Holiday of Shavuos

 While the Jewish people were travelling to Har Sinai, Hashem provided them with a miraculous food called 'Mann'. It looked like small white seeds and tasted like anything they wanted it to taste like!

Evan, Saige and Bela Riva documenting what they would want their Mann to taste like!

We have been talking a lot about the precious gift Hashem has given each of us!
Even though it happened many years ago, all our Neshamas (souls) were present when the Torah was given at Har Sinai 3,330 years ago. 
The holiday of Shavous celebrates Hashem giving us the Torah. We observe this Holiday by hearing the reading of the 10 commandments.

Rozie and Elizabeth using a feather and ink just like a 'Sofer' (Rabbi scribe) writes the letters of the Torah.

Flower Fun!

 On the Holiday of Shavous we remember the flowers Hashem miraculously made blossom on Har Sinai by decorating our homes with flowers!
 Fun motor skill activity placing feathers and pipe cleaners into colander holes as the flowers on 'Har sinai'

Shapes turn into flowers.

 Faiga creating flowers out of play dough and leaves

Dovi picking out his flowers for a Shavous project.


Shabbos parties are such a high light of our week! 

We want to wish Ella a happy 3rd Birthday!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How did we learn healthy self- esteem from a mountain?

Shavuos  unit
The Jewish holiday of Shavuos marks the anniversary when we received the Torah as a nation.
After leaving Egypt the Jewish people made a long 49 day trip through the desert till they reached the mountain of Har (Mt.) Sinai.

Hands on activities were a great way to explore what the Jewish people were experiencing in the desert.

Ava drawing in sand, Rozie learning about the sun and shadows, Chaim painting a sun while looking at a picture of a desert.

Why wait?
Hashem loved them so much and wanted to communicate and connect to His people, so why didn't He give us the Torah right away?

After some guesses we pulled out Menachem's 'Upshernish' invitation (3rd bday hair cutting ceremony) to help explain this concept.
We have been talking about his birthday, the mitzvah's he will get to do etc.... 
But did he get to do them right away? NO! He prepared for quite some time, he invited his friends, he learned about what will happen to his hair etc.

The Jewish people had to GET READY for the very special event!

Which mountain?
Volcanos, tall mountains and snowy mountain pictures were an inspiration for the children to create art/ props for our mountain skit.

Max working on the red lava, Dovi asked for cotton balls to create the clouds over the mountain.

The mountains started to argue and boast that Hashem should choose them!

Little Har Sinai felt uncomfortable. She was proud of who she was but was humble and did not like all the arguing. Hashem chose her and flowers started to grow for the very special occasion.

Two Life lessons from Har Sinai:

1) We can be proud and brave to stand up like a mountain and do what's right even when others around us might be doing the opposite!

Devorah Leah received a 'mountain sticker note' that she included her friend in her game of 'baby' and let her sit on her lap when she was feeling excluded.

2) Be proud of who we are and our talents that Hashem gave us BUT to be humble and use them for good!

Each child got a chance to wear our Har Sinai costume and share with the rest of the class what they are proud of, what they love about themselves or a talent.
This was such a powerful lesson of self esteem and learning how to balance it with humility.
Levi: "Help my friends at sports"
Motty: "I am a good friend"

New Shavous bulletin board made by the children themselves. A fun sensory experience painting fabric and Ella placing flowers on the mountain.

 Shavous creativity!
We observed the children creating their own game of 'hopscotch to the Torah!'

Friday, May 12, 2017


Last week we talked about Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai who taught us secrets of the Torah and passed away on Lag Baomer (which falls out this Sunday.) He wanted it to be a day of celebration with bonfires and dancing.

This week we zoomed in on another special person connected to this day: Rabbi Akiva. He was the teacher of Rabbi Shimon. The main message we learn from him is the Mitzvah of Ahavat Yisroel (to love our fellow Jew)

Friendship spider web
Each child held the yarn and tossed it to a friend while saying something they loved about them.

Friendship paint
Yisroel got red paint on his hand and Levi Y. got yellow.

After mixing them together their hands turned orange. Aside from this being a color lesson this was also showing them how we need each other and special things happen when we are kind to one another.

 Quotes from them what good friends are.
"When my friend cries I can help them" "Help my friend if the paper towels are stuck"..

 Friendship play dough
It was beautiful to observe the bonding and conversations that were taking place over play dough and heart shaped toys.
 Science experiment
we invited the children to sprinkle baking soda on heart shaped glue and watch what happens when they dropped red vinegar over the heart! It was fun watching their reaction as it bubbled and overflowed.

We noticed the children started balancing together this was a great hands on lesson since when one of them lost their balance it affected the rest.

Friends make everything fun!

Muffins for Mom!
We have been getting excited for our mothers day event on Friday. The children worked hard making yummy healthy muffins to share with their mothers.
Elizabeth checking the egg to see if any blood to make sure it is kosher.

Happy 5th birthday Menucha!

Happy 3rd birthday Faiga!