Friday, January 18, 2019

Parshat Beshalach: Split the Sea

Parshat Beshalach: Split theSea

This week we learnt about the Benei Yisroel leaving Mitzrayim (Egypt) . After they left Mitzrayim they arrived at the sea and the Mitzrim (Egyptians) were chasing them. Hashem made a miracle and split the sea. When Benei Yisroel crossed they were so happy and grateful they were singing and dancing and thanking Hashem for all the miracles. The children fed the birds that were singing above the.

This shabbat is called Shabbat Shira because Shira means a "song." The Benei Yisroel sang songs to Hashem to thank Him for all the miracles. Many people have the custom to feed kasha to the birds before Shabbos. Mitzvah Mentchies is very excited to feed them!

After the Yiddin (Jewish people) crossed the sea they were walking for 3 days without water. Some of the Yiddin complained to Moshe that they were thirsty. The way they complained was in a whiney voice and that made Hashem not happy with them.

From here we learnt a very important lesson when we want to say or ask for something we need to say it in a nice way.

At the end of this week's Parsha we learned that Benei Yisroel went to war with Amalek. Moshe held his hands up to the sky and when they were held up the Yidden were able to win over Amalek. When the Yiddin were davening to Hashem it was easy for Moshe to keep his hands up but when the Yiddin were not davening it was very hard for Moshe to hold his hands up. Aharon and Chur helped Moshe keep his hands up.

Yud Shevat The Rebbe Became Rebbe

Morah Avigayil brought into class some dirt, a rock and a silk worm. She asked the children, what is special about these 3 things?

The children didn't see anything special in these 3 things. Then Morah Avigayil put a plant near the dirt, a silk scalf near the silk worm and a gem stone near the rock.
Then the children were asked if they see anything special?
She explained that these 3 things look very simple but they have the potential to be turned into something very beautiful.

This is how the Rebbe sees us. He can see the potential we have inside. He can see our outside and our Neshama inside that is shining.

Silk is so soft and cozy!
Mendel couldn't wait for his turn to feel.

Rabbi Yosef came to our class to farbreng with us and tell us about the Rebbe.

The Giving Tree 

In honor of Tu Bshvat, we read the book "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstien.

We had a open discussion about the book and I asked the children: "If you were a tree and you had apples on it would you give your apples to a sad boy?"

Some of our children said yes they would give their apples and some of our children said that they wouldn't give their apples. Some children were thinking about what would they get back in return....

The children were also asked what they can give to someone that would make them happy and doesn't cost money.
Yisroel said he can collect shells and stones.
Rosie said she can make a card and draw a picture.
Dovi said he can go fishing and give a fish.
Saige said she can pick some fruit from the tree and give it to someone...
Other answers where: Hugs, flowers, nice words, friendship....

3-d painting trees, inspired by the giving tree
great hand-eye coordination

We are making special family trees to decorate our classroom. Motty is working so nicely on his family tree.

            Thank you Morah Malka for bringing beautiful plants for us to plant in our school.

Morah Beth read us a story in class one day
We love guest storytellers!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

What are OUR roots?

Tu B'shvat is around the corner. After learning all about the parts of the tree, appreciating growth and the process of growing it was now time to learn a deeper lesson.

How as Jews, are we similar to trees? Specifically the roots?

Heading outdoors to look at the beautiful trees Hashem has created.

With all our strength we tried pushing down the tree.
"Why is it not falling down?"
Some answers we heard.
"Because the branches are so long."
"It's so heavy."

Under the big beautiful tree we learned about the purpose of the roots.
Under the ground are strong thick roots holding up this gorgeous tree.

We headed indoors to circle time to take our lesson to the next level.
We bought a mirror and invited each child to share with us what makes them feel strong.

Esther, "When I eat cheese."

Yanky, "Water makes me strong."
Mendel wanted to demonstrate how strong he was by picking up the mirror.

Emma, "When I'm with my family I feel strong"

While these were great and correct answers. It was now time to learn what makes a Jew strong!

The precious gift of the Torah was given to the Jews and it has kept us around for thousands of generations. By learning its beautiful lesson it will give us our 'roots' to weather life's storms.

There has been so much growth since the beginning of the school year. While talking about how strong and big they are, we had fun pointing out different areas where they have grown.

Yanky is now tall enough to reach his own backpack in his cubby!

Mina and Shalom stacking the chairs by themselves.

The big lego box was quite heavy. Two children started dragging it when we heard Moshe call out. "Hey lets get more friends to help us!" Friends started coming and working out on their own how to get the box to fit in the correct spot. While this showed how physically strong they were getting, it also showed us how their cooperation and teamwork has grown so much since the beginning of the year!

We opened a Torah and looked inside to see the Hebrew letters. Moshe counted all the Alefs he saw.

Mendel tracing the Hebrew letter 'Mem' for his name.

Working on our Tu B'shvat hats.
Chanie practicing her cutting skills by snipping blades of grass.

We noticed Mina helping Batya trace her arm and hand to make a tree.

Mina C. glueing on her leaves.

Rainy day fun bringing the bikes indoors!

Friday Shabbos party happiness. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Parshat Bo: A Stubborn Heart

Parshat Bo: A Stubborn Heart

This week we were introduced to the idea of Gematria. Each letter of the Alef Beis has a corresponding number it represents. The name of this week's Parsha is Bo, בא which equals to 3 using Gematria. The number 3 in the name of the Parsha is hinting to the last 3 makos (plagues) that we learnt about in this week's Parsha. 

1) Makas Arbeh - locusts/grasshoppers
2) Makas Choshech -darkness
3) Makas Bechoros - death of the firstborn.

Paroah had a stubborn heart. Every time he asked Moshe and Aron to stop the Makah he promised to let them go... but right after, Paroah became stubborn and changed his mind!
Yisroel is pretending to be Moshe, and he is talking to Paroah...

Morah Davina brought grasshoppers to school to show the children how they look!
We had a vote afterward to decide whether we should let them go or feed them to the bearded dragon.
Let's just say the bearded dragon wasn't very hungry for the rest of the day!

We played a fun game for Makas Choshech (plague of darkness)! Morah Davina hid some jewels around the classroom. The children tried to find all the jewels but did not touch it.
The Jewish people were able to see during makas choshech. But they didn't take anything from the Mitzriyim (Egyptians). When the Jews left Mitzrayim the Mitzriyim gave them all of their jewels.

Busy With Birthdays

Happy 6th Birthday Motty and Saige!
We love watching you learn and grow!

We love when mommies and daddies come into the class to share birthdays with us!

Can you count how many friends can fit on a slide?

Our Class Is Becoming Fluent In Alef Bais 

This week we had a lot of fun playing different Alef Bais games. Playing Alef Bais games helps us memorize the letters. Here we are playing Alef Bais Bingo.

We can definitely see the difference in the children that practice at home!! Keep it up!

Writing the letter with chalk while saying it makes us memorize it much better.

Forming Words 

                      Yisroel is working on filling in the beginning and ending sounds.

The children are turning sounds into words.
Glueing and glowing words are a lot of fun! This way we will figure out the word and eventually be able to read it smoothly.
                                                         Bela Riva is doing a great job!

We can read a lot of sight words.
 Saige went fishing for the fish with the sight word You.

Math In Groups 

Working together  on answering the math problems. 

                             The girls worked as a team to sort out the numbers into even and odd.

Adventures in Aleph Bais: כ

A matching game that involves our whole body!
Bringing games to the floor is always a fun twist

Evan uses cheerios to make the letter Kuf.
Everyone was excited to eat them after!

Using rubber band boards for some fine-motor practice.

for the letter K we involved a few different things that start with "k".
Evan found the correct numbered Key, then he was able to open the lock.

Faiga opened a new restaurant using kinetic sand and her imagination

Learning how to sequence, 
we looked at the pictures and then had to place them in the correct order.
We made up some silly stories about the pictures!